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When it was time for me to return to work after having my oldest child, I was grateful to find an amazing childcare facility for them to go to. However, I quickly learned that childcare is not just about dropping off your kids and picking them up at the end of the day. To make childcare education effective, you need to help those workers teach your kids. So, that's my blog is all about. I want to help parents who are using childcare for the first time to get your kids into a learning frame of mind. From flash cards to building blocks, there is plenty you can do at home to encourage your kid to learn, and that means when they go to the childcare facility each day, the eagerness to learn continues.




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Helping Childcare Workers to Help Your Kids

Childcare Tips: When Is Your Child Too Sick For Day Care?

by Guy Marshall

If your child has fallen sick in the middle of the week, you may be wondering whether it is okay to take them to the daycare centre. In some cases, your child who hasn't yet gotten used to being left alone with new kids in the facility might throw a tantrum or even pretend to be sick to stay at home. How do you determine whether your child should stay at home or still go to the daycare facility? Below are some factors that should help you make an informed decision for your little one.

Assess the symptoms

The first things that you should look at are the symptoms that your child is exhibiting. If they have a cold or flu, check to see how serious it is. The common cold and flu can come with severe symptoms such as headaches and lethargy, and these may make your child look weak and ill. Also, they may be running a fever. In these cases, it would be best to take the child to a doctor and monitor their progress from home. On the other hand, if the cold is clearing and your child looks better and is playing around, you can take them to the daycare facility.

Review the centre's policy

Daycare centres have policies about bringing in sick children. For example, you won't be allowed to bring your child if they have a contagious disease such as strep throat, as they may end up infecting other kids. Some other facilities will assess the condition of the child and determine whether they should be left in the hands of trainers and caregivers. If your child is allowed to remain at the centre, make sure that you bring any prescribed medication. You may be required to provide written consent authorizing the facility to administer the drugs to the child.

Consider your feelings

Leaving your child in the hands of a stranger while the kid is sick doesn't settle well with many parents. Some may keep on calling every ten minutes to ask about the condition of the child. Others may even drive to the centre to make sure that the kid is okay. Before dropping off a sick child, consider how you will cope with the situation. If you don't feel comfortable or at ease, just let the child stay at home until they recover.

Leaving a sick child at a daycare centre requires careful consideration to ensure that you get a peace of mind throughout the day. Talk to your child care centre beforehand to ascertain that your child will receive proper attention and care.