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When it was time for me to return to work after having my oldest child, I was grateful to find an amazing childcare facility for them to go to. However, I quickly learned that childcare is not just about dropping off your kids and picking them up at the end of the day. To make childcare education effective, you need to help those workers teach your kids. So, that's my blog is all about. I want to help parents who are using childcare for the first time to get your kids into a learning frame of mind. From flash cards to building blocks, there is plenty you can do at home to encourage your kid to learn, and that means when they go to the childcare facility each day, the eagerness to learn continues.




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Helping Childcare Workers to Help Your Kids

Factors affecting the cost of Preschool: How much can you expect to pay?

by Guy Marshall

For most parents, a major factor that affects their preschool or kindergarten selection is the cost. Each school charges its tuition rates based on how much they spend on overhead and other expenses. Your goal should be to find the highest quality preschool at the most competitive price. This is certainly easier said than done.

To get started, there are several cost factors you should look out for when choosing a preschool for your child. These factors will help you estimate how much a child care centre is likely to charge for their services.

1. Number of children

In most schools, the larger the class size, the lower the tuition cost. Having more children per class means that the school can charge less per child when catering for expenses. However, larger class sizes also mean that your child may receive less individual attention. It's a trade off between quantity and quality, where you want just the right quantity such that your child isn't neglected.

When making your decision, consider the activities that children will engage in. A good mix of learning and games may expose your child to valuable lessons even if the class size is slightly larger.

2. Size of the institution

The overall size of the school will also affect tuition costs. Larger preschools often have more space for classrooms, children's playgrounds, swimming pools, and other activities. These perks often result in higher tuition costs (to maintain the school property).

If you want your child to enjoy more space and activities while under care, expect to incur a higher tuition cost for the extra space.

3. The learning materials available

As you would expect, more learning materials at the school will translate into higher tuition costs. However, the materials also benefit your child's overall learning experience. You should ensure that your child's preschool has essential learning supplies to promote development.

At a minimum, the preschool should provide children with the following supplies:

  • Toys
  • Art supplies
  • A meal (such as lunch or snacks)
  • Books

4. Number of caregivers (size of the staff)

The caregiver-to-child ratio is always a hotly debated issue. In fact, some local/state laws require a minimum ratio of children to caregivers. The ideal situation is to have your child receive as much individual attention as possible. There should also be enough children to create a healthy social environment. As you would expect, more caregivers means higher tuition cost (but higher quality care).