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When it was time for me to return to work after having my oldest child, I was grateful to find an amazing childcare facility for them to go to. However, I quickly learned that childcare is not just about dropping off your kids and picking them up at the end of the day. To make childcare education effective, you need to help those workers teach your kids. So, that's my blog is all about. I want to help parents who are using childcare for the first time to get your kids into a learning frame of mind. From flash cards to building blocks, there is plenty you can do at home to encourage your kid to learn, and that means when they go to the childcare facility each day, the eagerness to learn continues.




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Helping Childcare Workers to Help Your Kids

How To Choose A Preschool

by Guy Marshall

Preschools are a child care alternative that aims to prepare your child for formal schooling. When taking your child to preschool, you must conduct thorough assessments to establish that your child will gain the skills required to join formal school. The article below proposes some questions that you can use to interview a preschool. 

What Should Parents Expect When They Bring Children To Your Institution? 

The primary objective of this question is to establish whether the school has a value system aimed at preparing the learners for life ahead. For example, the kids should learn independence and resilience since they will no longer have their parents with them once they join formal school. Besides, they should also learn socialisation skills at the preschool since they will meet many strangers later on in life. Other than social skills, the teachers at the preschool should also identify and hone your child's talents. It helps boost the child's confidence. 

Is Your Pre-School Program Accredited? 

Most parents will forget to ask this question. However, it is essential since you want your child to undertake age-appropriate activities at the school. Therefore, the program used at the school must be research-based and accredited by the relevant government agencies. Remember, the preschool program should mimic that of a formal school, so the learners have a smooth transition. 

What Is The Child-Teacher Ratio? 

Ideally, the school should have a reasonable teacher-student ratio. Remember, you want the teacher to pay maximum attention to each child in the classroom. More often than not, preschool is an opportunity to determine if your child has a developmental issue. Therefore, if the classroom has a high teacher-student ratio, it would be difficult for the teacher to identify your child's problems. 

What Are The School Regulations? 

Although the preschool may not be a formal school, it has regulations to ensure each child is treated fairly. For instance, children could be prohibited from bringing certain things to school. Besides, the school could have a dress code. Inquire about the school's disciplinary measures. For example, how do they handle issues of theft or harassment among the kids? Remember, you need to be sure that your child will be safe at school. Finally, assess the school's health standards. For example, it should have a nurse to handle allergies and injuries. Besides, the school must take measures to ensure every child is vaccinated. It helps prevent the outbreak of diseases. 

When choosing a preschool, examine its value system, accreditation, teacher-student ratio, and regulations.